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Petrache, C. M. et al Search for tetrahedral states and X(5) symmetry in Yb nuclei with N~90 through Coulomb excitation using HIE-ISOLDE and Miniball 2014 CERN
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Voulot, Didier et al Transverse Emittance Measurements of the REX-ISOLDE Beams in Preparation for the HIE-ISOLDE Commissioning 2014 27th Linear Accelerator Conference
Zhang, P. et al The Impact of Defects on Q0 for HIE-ISOLDE High-Beta Quarter-Wave Resonators 2014 CERN
Zhang, P. et al Frequency Sensitivity to Cavity Geometry Errors of HIE-ISOLDE High-Beta QuarterWave Resonator 2014 CERN
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